'Rolled gold' 12x16" 2021 Acrylic and charcoal on canvas

'To see' 2021 26x36"Acrylic on canvas, glue

Route 89

'Off of 87' 26x32" Acrylic on canvas, 2020

'High over' Acrylic on canvas on board 12 x 10" 2019

'Here' 2019 12 x 10" Acrylic on canvas on board


Wall drawing (section) Pen and pencil on wall "Room 408" 2015


'Graffiti petite' Pen and pencil on wall (section), 'Room 408' with installation by Juny Jang Yeun.

'8 Days a Week', 2010 Esquire Building, Williamsburg, NYC

'Thursday', 48 x 32" acrylic on canvas, '8 Days a Week' 2010


'Unbound' Acrylic on Canvas 26 x 36" 2018

'Where do we come from? Where Are We Going?' 155x135cm. Acrylic on canvas. John Moores painting prize, Liverpool, 2016.

'Kate', 2005

'Kate' Acrylic on Canvas 64x48" 2005


'Untitled', 76x61cm. Acrylic on board, 2004 Vous Etes Ici Gallery, Amsterdam.

'Ears', acrylic on board, 84x91cm, 2003, Michael Jansson Gallery, Cologne