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My Friend Maia, 2012
a documentary portrait of Maia Helles, dancer, healer, teacher
Filmed on location in Fire Island, NY
Music: Lola Perrin
7 Years, 2013
first person diary about 7 years in New York  with  motherhood, art,  illness and invisibility
Filmed on location in Brooklyn and Orient, New York by Julia Warr, edited by Julia Warr.
Music: Lola Perrin
'Sketching', 2016
improvised performance for Dance Research Studio Residency SDIPT program, London about needing to dance. 
Filmed on location in Thailand by Delilah Brierley, daughter. Editor, Julia Warr
Farm, 2015
a film exploring the wish to be a farmer like Elizabeth. 
Filmed on location in Cutchogue, Long Island, NY by Julia Warr with Dexter Brierley.
Editor,  Julia Warr
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